The Client Magnet Formula

A 10 Week Program To Help Coaching & Service-Based Businesses Scale To 6-Figures in 12 Months Using the Client Magnet Formula Through Organic, Paid Traffic & Sales Funnels


What is The ClientMagnet Formula? 

A 10 Week, Premium Coaching & Mentoring Workshop where I work with you in a Group Coaching Sessions where I will help you to develop & sell your High Ticket Offer, Attract the Clients You Want, Generate More Income And (Best Part) Build The Freedom You Desire.

In 10 weeks you’ll have all of the elements you need (copy, lead magnet, offer, tech, emails and sales strategies) to set up and help you build your business to 6 figure client business…

The 3 Step Client Magnet Formula includes 10 Projects we focus on each week. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have 

  • A brand that stands out in the market
  • A High Ticket Offer that can sell for ($3k to $5k)
  • A Facebook Growth Strategy to run paid campaigns to get high-value clients
  • Automated systems (To grow your business while asleep)
  • Premium Sales Strategies (How to get people to pay $3k+ for your expertise) 

This 10-week program will show you how to build every element of your high-ticket client program and you’ll see step by step what it takes to build a 6 Figure online business. 

As part of the program, you’ll become a part of our Diamond Level Membership Group to connect with a community of other professional service providers who are on the journey to 6 figure like yourself while receiving live coaching calls every two weeks to support you on your journey. You’ll be shown a path of success without the pain of listening to too many voices and battling with choice paralysis. 

Here is What You’ll Discover Inside?

  • How To Zone In On Your Ideal Client Avatar
  • How To Craft an Irresistible Offer
  • How To Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency
  • How To Write Email Copy Thats Engaging & Converts
  • How To Write Ad Copy To Fill Your Funnel
  • How To Track And Automise Your Revenue & Profit
  • How To Set Up Your Automation
  • How To Build Landing Pages That Convert
  • How To Build An Engaging Webinar and Video Content
  • How To Effectively Deliver Client Services, Tools To Use and Systems To Implement
  • How To Set Up Facebook Ads To Attract A Flood of High-Value Clients
  • How To Strategically Plan Your Year

Your Investment?

This will be the cost of one or two new clients into your program using the systems in the Client Magnet Formula (that I’ll help you to implement into your business). 

Everything in the program is yours once you invest. The funnels, landing pages and paid ads campaigns all become yours to use within your business.

Key Deliverables 

MODULE 1 – Mindset – (The Habits of High Performers)
MODULE 2 – Signature Solution -(Create a Signature Framework You Can Sell to Visualise Your IP)
MODULE 3 – Offer – (Create An Irresistible Offer and Zone in Your Ideal Client Avatar)
MODULE 4 – Webinar (Build A Webinar That Converts)
MODULE 5 – Funnel (Build A Simple 2 Step Funnel That Generates Leads)
MODULE 6 – Branding (Build A Brand and Create Engaging Content To Get Leads)
MODULE 7 – Advertising (How to Leverage Paid Ads To Make Money)
MODULE 8 – Sales (Selling Strategies that Build Your Confidence)
MODULE 9 – Delivery (Implement Systems and Deliver A High-End Service To Clients)

  • Bonus Vault
  • DIAMOND Mastermind – 10 weeks of access
  • Weekly Q&A Consulting – every week to keep you on track

The Client Magnet Formula is currently open by invite only. If you’d like to talk about enrollment, register for our free training here and sign up for the free strategy & implementation session included in the training.


Here are what others say about me

Laith has greatly influenced the team with his creativity, positive attitude and willingness to push the boundaries. Laith is a supreme professional, but also knows how to have a good time!

Travis Sutherland

VP of Product, Dplay at Discovery Inc

Dami Adekanmbi

Dami was looking to start his own consultancy and launch his business the right way. As a result of applying the Brand Authority formula, Dami was able to apply a strategic plan to his business and career development. He was able to create an offer worth £5000+ to his clients.

"Laith has mastered the art of guiding his clients, colleagues and peers through the maze of UX and web development by breaking down complex obstacles into bitesize deliverables."

Dean Bryan

Enterprise Agile Coach, BP


Generate the profit you want in your business.


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