Creating a UX Design portfolio is not only an opportunity to showcase your project work but also an opportunity to showcase some of your personality. In an age where there is more emphasis on hiring people who match the culture of the business, a portfolio is a perfect opportunity to show that you’re a cultural fit. It’s much harder to get your personality across on a CV given that approximately 99% of CVs follow the same format. 

As well as core UX roles, there are a number of hybrid roles which require more than just UX skills so this is the perfect opportunity to showcase that you’ve worked on different parts of a project, e.g. UI design, strategic decision-making, or overseeing the web development. You’ll want to showcase your specialities through multiple types of work. To do this, consider all your projects and ask yourself the following questions:

* What am I really good at?

* Which UX activities do I really like to do?

 * What differentiates me from other designers? 

* On which projects did I bring the most value?

* From which projects did I learn the most?

* What interesting stories can I tell about the work that I did?

 Your portfolio should show cultural suitability for the company where you are applying. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of character or your own style to your portfolio. It’s your chance to wow the hiring manager and demonstrates that you stand out from the crowd. In this video, I cover the three areas of the Ultimate Awesome UX Design & Product Design Portfolio


1. Presentation Structure

 The better the preparation of your portfolio presentation is the higher likelihood of someone being able to easily read through your portfolio.


2. Presentation Outline

With the right outline in place, you can put in a step by step clear way of going through each project.


3. Being Memorable.

 This is your place to be unique in each project mentioning a unique insight of the design process you used to make the design process clear and easy for someone to follow. You need to showcase your skillset and that you have a clear understanding of design.


 This video is nothing but actionable advice that you can use today and take away and build a successful portfolio.


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