Hi Guys, when it comes onto charging for freelance design services you need to think broader than just an hourly rate. I would strongly recommend you don’t make your main point of differentiation as a freelancer or creative a lower price. Yes, you can perhaps undercut larger competitors because your costs are lower, but you want to avoid a race to the bottom at all costs. Price your work based upon the value you provide, think deeply about the value you provide and how you can make the value to your clients the best It can be.

Here are the Show Notes:

00:53 – 02:56 – 1. Research Your Industry
02:57 – 05:05 – 2. Know Where You Are
05:06 – 07:05 – 3. Calculate Your Rates
07:06 – 07:55 – 4. Consider Your Non-Billable Time
07:55 – 09:23 – 5. Flexible Payment Structure
09:24 – 11:37 – 6. Think Value Over Price
11:36 – 12:17 – 7. Get Specific

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What is the challenge you’re having right now, WHEN PRICING YOUR WORK?

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7 Tips On How Much To Charge For Your Freelance Work