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5 Ways To Build Focus Using The One Focus Model

Anyone looking to maximise their productivity, achieve goals, and advance their career as a designer must learn how to focus their attention and eliminate distractions.
Distractions in our modern-day work environments abound; learning to direct your attention amongst the endless notifications and chatter in our lives is crucial to success.

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7 Tips On How Much To Charge For Your Freelance Work

Get comfortable talking about money. when it comes onto charging for your freelance design services you need to think broader than just an hourly rate. I would strongly recommend you don’t make your main point of differentiation as a freelancer or creative a lower price. Yes, you can perhaps undercut larger competitors because your costs are lower, but you want to avoid a race to the bottom at all costs. Price your work based upon the value you provide, think deeply about the value you provide and how you can make the value to your clients the best It can be.

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8 Tips to Start Freelancing for Beginners

Starting a freelancing job is quite easy you just need to have some skills, a laptop or tablet and a network connection that’s it. The key with freelancing is just to start, so many people overthink what to do and it’s much more simple than you think. Experience comes once you start working on projects it’s a practical process more you work more will be your experience. In freelancing people work for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organisations, they are ultimately self-employed.

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4 Ways Designers Can Make Money and Stay Positive During Quarantine


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Self Journal: My Productivity Planner




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